Italy, pasta and the Massitti and Rosatelli families: an 80-year bond

An enduring and profound bond that is still relevant today

We have been offering Italy (and beyond) our experience as pasta makers since 1940. We supply our products to large retail chains through our production sites, which cover 18,000 m² and are managed directly by the second and third generations of our family.

Our artisan pasta

Perfect for those who love to experience every nuanced flavour of good things made the natural way. That’s who our artisan pasta is for. Pasta made with carefully selected raw materials and 100% fresh, natural and Italian ingredients.


The durum wheat semolina flour and its remarkable cooking resistance make it Italy’s favourite food. The jewel of the country’s diet.


Research into the combinations that enhance the flavours, the choice of the size which best hold the filling, and all of them carefully closed by hand. A pasta that represents Italy and its sophistication.


Authentically and naturally preserved to keep its true flavour and avoid preservatives. Based only on carefully selected ingredients.


A nod to all the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine. Suitable for those who are intolerant, vegan or simply love a lighter pasta than usual.


100% natural. Each ingredient comes from production chains that use only natural substances, selected and certified with respect for the environment.


A real treat if you don’t want to give up on fresh pasta. Designed for those who are celiac, gluten-intolerant or just interested in enriching their diet with alternative grains.

Europe with an Italian flavour

Pasta represents a cultural heritage. That’s why we offer this heritage outside our country too, through a constant supply to the major European retail chains.

Experiencing the true flavor of pasta? Only if cooked correctly

We are convinced that pasta should be savored in every shade of its taste. And you only have to follow these simple cooking steps to be able to do this:

  • Fill ⅔ of the pot with water
  • Heat the water in the pot (with a lid on top) until it boils
  • At this point lower the flame, remove the lid and add salt (7g every 100g of pasta). It’s a fundamental step to make the pasta absorb the salt and become tasty
  • Put the pasta in the pot, leaving it uncovered, and turn up the flame as before
  • Here it is important to stir every 2-3 minutes to prevent the pasta from sticking to the pot. (No oil at this stage)
  • Wait for the indicated cooking time and taste the pasta once finished
  • Drain it, but first fill a cup with cooking water. This will soften the pasta if the sauce is too thick
  • Do not put the pasta under cold water, but season it immediately to serve it hot at the table
  • Enjoy the result in all its flavor